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Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun
Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun

Auto Cleaner 5L + Snow Foam Gun

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Please confirm your own pressure washer adaptor dimensions with the list of our adaptors above. Please note that a restocking and courier fee will apply for incorrectly ordered Foam Guns.

PLEASE NOTE: Snow foam Guns dilute the product significantly, use a mitt or brush to agitate for best cleaning results. 

Automuck Clean is our NO EFFORT, PH neutral cleaner specifically designed to remove dirt, mud, oil, grease and muck from your vehicle whilst leaving a protective layer which aids in future cleaning and enhancing the overall surface finish.

Pairing this with our Motomuck Snow Foam Gun will change the way you wash your car. This quality lance turns your pressure washer into a powerful foam cannon that can cover your car in a thick ‘ snowfoam ’ speeding up the whole process, whether you are using it for a car wash, or a pre-wash.

This unit is made with high quality brass components and features a fully adjustable dilution valve, to offer different densities of foam, and a variable spray nozzle for controlling the spray of foam delivered.

Match the correct adaptor to the coupling on your pressure washer and select from the options in the drop down above. Please check carefully to ensure that you choose the correct fitment for your pressure system, this is only a guide.

Package Includes:

1 x 5L Automuck Clean
1 x Pressure Controlled Valve
1 x Duckbill Nozzle
1 x Plastic Bottle
1 x Pressure Washer Connector – ( Select from options #1 – #8 to fit your pressure system)



Motomuck Auto Cleaner takes a few applications to create it's protective layer on the base material, as it first needs to get rid of all the old grime and old automotive products that might be on the surface. So for the first couple applications use product undiluted and give it a helping hand to get through the old grime. Once the protective coat has developed it will change the way you clean forever!


Step one:

  • Simply spray Automuck Clean your vehicle and watch as it foams, lifting the dirt away from the surface of the vehicle.
  • The Snow Foam clings to your vehicles exterior softening the dirt and grime that is stuck to the paintwork.

Step two:

  • Allow this to dwell for 5 minutes and then rinse off well, most of that dirt and grime should now have been removed.
  • If dirt is bad and you have used this as a Pre-wash, then the wash stage with a mitt or sponge will have hugely reduced swirls and scratches from abrasive material.

Please see our different Snow Foam Gun application methods.

Care Instructions

After using the Gun to Snow Foam your car, Motomuck highly recommends that you run some clean water through the Gun to ensure that it stays clean and free from any build-up of wash/foam concentrate, that can block the filter over time.

  • Can I use Automuck Clean to wash my road car body panels?

Answer: Yes, we recommend you use it in conjunction with our Snow Foam Gun which dilutes it at the correct rate and applies a nice thick foam. This can be done for a Pre-wash as well as for a wash with a mitt. You can also use it as a regular carwash by adding 50-100ml to a bucket of water.


  • When I do a touchless wash on my road car with Automuck clean, it does not come completely clean?

Answer: Fresh dirt and mud will clean off completely, but old road grime is electro statically charged to the body and needs some agitation to break that charged bond. Once you have done a couple washes the protective layer Automuck clean leaves will help with this issue.


  • Can I dilute Automuck Clean?

Answer: Yes you can, please see our dilution tab for further information.


  • Is Automuck clean safe to use on the new shiny aluminium parts I have on my engine?

Answer: Automuck clean is Ph neutral, and will keep your new bits shiny for a long time with it’s protective layer. Excellent at degreasing and removing all grime from your engine bay as well as from the aluminium and alloy bits.


  • Is Automuck clean safe to use on rubber hoses and seals?

Answer: Yes it will not break down the rubber, but rather bring back the original rubber look after a couple washes.


  • I want to use motomuck on my boat and I care about the marine environment. Is it biodegradable and non-toxic?

Answer: Statement from the product MSDS document is: "Product not expected to be toxic to the environment based on the calculation of ingredients" However it does have a surfactant in it, and you know what it's like when you get soap into your eyes, so not great for the fish if you washing directly into the water. Fine if you washing off onto lawn/grass etc.

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Customer Reviews

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Foam gun Adapter is not fit to purpose

Well not a good start as mentioned in previous review..😞😞😞😞😞😞

Foam gun Adapter is not fit to purpose

I have bought the product couple of Months ago and still not be able to. Use. The product as the foam gun Adapter is not fit for pressure wash. So really sad after spend $105, can't even use the product feeling not so happy. Well at this stage no star from me for the product. Will put another review once manage to find replacement of connector

Great Product,

Nice Foam, Great clean and easy to use.


I was surprised to see that Motomuck actually works as well as it does in the promo video. I ordered on a Friday, and it arrived Saturday morning. Awesome product and service.