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Nic De Waal

Name: Nic de Waal
DOB: 3 July 1956
Home town: Auckland, New Zealand
Sport: Motosport: Rally, race and Targa

Info: Nic started rallying an Alfa Romeo in the early 1980s doing club events in his native South Africa. He soon moved on to dealer teams and then landed his first works drive with VW/Audi in 1986, rallying a Mk2 Golf. The following year he moved on to driving an Audi Quattro for two years, followed by stints with Toyota and Nissan. Nic also started racing Group N and Touring Cars in the early 1990s and won numerous events before moving to New Zealand in 1996. After an 18-year drought he got back into motorsport entering a 2014 Targa event where he now is a regular competitor often finishing in the top three.