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Nick Franklin


Name: Nick Franklin
DOB: 10 September 1981
Home town: Tokoroa New Zealand
Sport: Professional freestyle moto X rider of the world
Facebook: @FMXNickFranklin

Info: Nick Franklin hails out of New Zealand and grew up on a farm just outside of Tokoroa on the northern island. After annoying his parents to get him a motorbike to rip around their Tokoroa farm as a 10-year-old, Nick has been seldom off the two-wheeled beasts, unless he's flying through the air with barely a fingertip between him and the bike.

After years riding motocross bikes in junior competitions and one thing led to another and eventually built his own ramp at his parents' farm. From there, he went on to win New Zealand's X Air competition in 2002 and left his job at Kinleith mill to start traveling the world and do the Red Bull X-Fighters in Valencia and Madrid back in 2003. Nick joined FMX4Ever in 2004 and has been a solid teammate and a hard working boy for the team ever since. In the European winter, Nick has been busy doing the Crusty Tour down in Australia and New Zealand.
  • 11th Red Bull X-Fighters Athens, Greece
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Austria
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Hong Kong
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Germany
  • Nitro Circus Tour Rider New Zealand
  • 2nd, Farm Jam New Zealand
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Poland
  • 1st, Farm Jam New Zealand
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Kuwait
  • Red Bull Fighters Jam Turkey
  • Red Bull Fighters Jam Colombia
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam India
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Pakistan
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Brazil
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Mexico
  • 1st FMX Battle, New Zealand
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Peru
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Turkey
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam New Zealand
  • X-Jam Turkey
  • Red Bull X-Fighters Jam Singapore
  • Crusty Tour Rider
  • 1st Hardcore Tour
  • 3rd Red Bull X-Fighters Valencia 2003
  • 2 x New Zealand FMX Champion
  • 3 x Winner Air Battle, New Zealand