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BLOG 1: 74 series restoration - interior clean

The interior of the car obviously needed a lot of work done to it in order to get it into a decent condition. We decided to give the interior a clean first, before starting the engine, just so if there were any other faults from the interior we knew about them as well. Also to get a proper visual on the car and start with good progress.

Because of the amount of hay inside the car, it took a fair bit of time to get it slightly cleaned. We removed around 5 buckets of hay from the back seats and boot of the car. We then removed the carpet in the boot and continued to sweep as much of the hay out from underneath as we could. 


We later removed the back seat, front seats, and front carpet from the car. We also began removing extra interior pieces to be able to clean every aspect as we possibly could. There was a lot of hay, dirt and dust build up throughout the car and when we began removing pieces, even more was exposed. 


We removed some of the interior panels that covered electricals, airflow and inside the doors. As well as the middle console and the gear stick cover.


Even after removing extra interior pieces, a lot more hay was exposed beneath them. We swept the entire interior again and finished by vacuuming everything from floor to ceiling, using a brush to help loosen any dirt and hay as we vacuumed.

After cleaning the interior of the car we were able to notice any of the faults that needed sorting out. The back door panel (which the speaker also sat in) would need replacing as it was damaged and crumbling. The speakers did not work anymore and the cables for the speakers were also unsalvageable. One of the interior airflow coverings were also broken. Apart from these things, the actual interior of the car was fine and just needed a deep clean to get it into a great condition.