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BLOG 5: 74 Series restoration - Carpets cleaned with Motomuck

The interior of the Land Cruiser was so dirty and we had no idea how long it had been since it was actually cleaned. After removing the carpets there was a clear visual of colour difference between the pieces that were exposed in the car and the pieces that were bolted down/underneath components in the car. It was only necessary that we gave the carpets a deep and thorough clean as well!

We hit the carpets against the fence quite a bit to get as much loose dirt, dust and hay off as possible as they had quite a bit on them. We also used a hand brush to sweep the rest of the hay off of them and also to get any big pieces of dirt or mud that had built up. 

For the actual clean of the carpets we used Motomuck to get the best results possible. Starting off by just spraying a layer of Motomuck over the whole carpet (we did this on a concrete surface) until it was covered. We also let it set for longer (around 15 minutes) than we normally would with our Motomuck products, just as we knew the carpets hadn't been cleaned in a while and had a lot of build up of mud and dirt. 


We then hosed off the product with a normal hose pipe, straight away you could see a huge difference already, however we wanted to do an even thorough job. Like we said, these carpets had a lot of build up from many years so the first use of Motomuck wouldn't take everything off. 


We sprayed Motomuck over the carpets a second time and let them sit for around 15 Minutes again, this time we then water blasted off instead of using the pressure of a normal hose pipe. The amount of mud and dirt coming out of the carpets was almost never ending! The carpets were constantly foaming when we washed them, and this was a sign of the Motomuck reacting with the dirt and mud on the carpets. So really, more foam = more mud and grime that Motomuck is trying to get off. 



After a while of spraying the carpets down with a water blaster until there was no more foaming, we could begin to see what a difference in colour they were to when we started! 

Once they we were done we just left them undercover to dry, which took about 2 days!