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"How To" and "Ways to" use Motomuck Automotive Cleaner correctly.

Here are some "How To " ways to using Motomuck Auto Cleaner for washing your vehicles.

Remember, Motomuck Auto Cleaner takes a few applications to create its protective layer on the base material, as it first needs to get rid of all the old grime and old automotive products that might be on the surface. So for the first couple applications use product undiluted and give it a helping hand to get through the old grime. Once the protective coat has developed it will change the way you clean forever!


1.  Very heavily soiled vehicles and parts. ( Like 4x4's, Offroad racers, Speedway cars, tractors, under mudguards, engines, drivetrains, chassis, parts and tools etc. )

  • STEP ONE:   Spray Motomuck Auto Cleaner undiluted directly over wet or dry dirt, using our Squirters, Trigger Sprayers or a Pump Spray bottle. If you hosed off excessive dirt, leave a few minutes to drip dry before applying as water can form a dilution barrier on the surface.  
  • STEP TWO:  Leave to soak in for 5-10 minutes, allowing Auto Cleaner to penetrate through the dirt, all the way to the base surface. Agitate if necessary.
  • STEP THREE:  Spray off with a jet of water and watch the muck fall off.
  • STEP FOUR:  After a few washes you will be able to use the Auto Cleaner at a 50:50 dilution for regular washing. Just use a full concentrate again when you notice some grains of sand not washing away. 


Ute very dirty and then very clean


2. Regular cleaning of vehicles and their body panels. ( Ute, daily driver, sports car, classic cars, trucks etc. ) - Different methods to apply Motomuck Auto Cleaner.

  • Dilution Wash: - Use our Snow Foam Gun with your water blaster, or our Hose Foam Gun with your hose, or add to your soap dispenser that comes with your water blaster. Pour Motomuck Auto Cleaner undiluted into the bottle and then spray foam over your vehicle. You can adjust the dilution on the unit itself to create nice soap suds. Agitate with a Noodle Mitt, sponge etc to break the electro statically attached road grime if necessary. Rinse off with water. Use as a pre-wash, and/or as a final wash.
  • Bucket Wash: - Use as a regular bucket wash, adding about 50-100ml to a bucket of water, agitate into a foam, and use our standard Noodle Mitt to apply and clean. Hose off once done.
  • Rapid Wash: - ( This method uses very little product for washing a whole vehicle, and is a very quick method to perform a vehicle wash. ) Hose down your dirty vehicle as well as your Noodle Mitt to make them wet. Take a 1L Motomuck Auto Cleaner in your left hand, and Noodle Mitt on your right hand. Apply about 4 dots of Motomuck Auto Cleaner across the size of a door. Use the Noodle Mitt to spread and wash the panel. Move onto the next panel and repeat as you move around the car. Hose off before it dries. Don't spray concentrate on any lenses or polycarbonate trims, just wash with foam present in Wash Mitt.
  • Waterless Clean: - Some customers use the Auto Cleaner directly on bugs and grime, leave it on a few minutes, then wipe it off with a dry or wet microfibre towel. We do however have our 3 in 1 Waterless Wash product which has been specifically designed for this method.


car being sprayed with Snow Foam


Many customers use a combination of the above methods, for example a guy with a curtain sider truck would use the "Dilution Wash" Snow Foam Gun on the large sides and cab, but he would use the "Undiluted product" ( using a 5L with our Squirter trigger ) on heavily soiled areas like under mudguards, fuel tank and chassis. Likewise a sports car owner could use the "Rapid Wash" on the body, and "Undiluted product" under mudguards, on suspension components, and on the engine.

For more information also see the Application, Dilution and FAQ tabs under the Motomuck Automotive Cleaner products.