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BLOG 3: 74 series restoration - Engine Specialties Wairau

Once we had removed the engine head and pistons, we sent them all into Engine Specialties in Wairau to check them over and fix any necessary problems with the pieces. 

Engine Specialties cover a huge range of engine services such as engine diagnosis, repairs, building, recondition and rebuilds as well as smaller jobs of machining and servicing of cylinder heads. They have a great reputation with heavy diesel vehicle owners, performance cars and service centres, however they also service both commercial and personal vehicles, muscle cars, performance cars and marine engines.   
With their expansive range of services and efficiency, they're trusted by many automotive companies and workshops, including ourselves!
We were lucky enough to take a look around their workshop to see behind the scenes on how they do their work. They have a wide range of on-site machinery to help with all their engine services including the surface grinder which they used on our engine head to skim the surface. You can check out their range of engine machinery here on their website.



With the pieces we sent in, they skimmed the head of the engine, cleaned the pistons and the big end bearings and also replaced the piston rings. Since the broken piston ring was the initial problem for the compression, changing them all would be the safest option for preventing any more breaking. After dropping them off, they were done efficiently and quickly! 


Heres a look at all of the pieces when we picked them up from Engine Specialties!

A huge thanks to Engine Specialties for helping us out with our engine needs and doing such a great job!

Have a look at how they did the engine skim and behind the scenes of their workshop over on our TikTok @motomuck 

You can check them out below if you are after any engine services,

Engine Specialties

09 444 4213 

96 Hillside Rd
North Shore
New Zealand