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Our favourite 4WD tracks near Auckland

We've put together a list of our favourite 4WD tracks near Auckland to tackle and enjoy for a weekend adventure! With New Zealand's incredible sceneries, there are some beautiful views and great terrain as an outcome for 4WD in this awesome country! 

1. Muriwai Beach 

Please remember this is a public road drive, and can only be done between the low and high tide marks. It's very important not to venture onto the dunes, above the high tide mark.


- A 40 minute drive from Auckland city.

- To get on at the most popular entrance, drive to the end of Coast Road off Motutara Road, be sure to turn right once on the beach as going left is prohibited for vehicles.

2. Polaris 4WD Park, Woodhill Forrest 

This playgroup destination is great for a muddy 4WD experience, the Polaris 4WD park also offers a range of experienced activities to suite everyones preference for newbies, old timers, family and even night runs! There is a fee to access the park and be sure to check when their open here


- A 49 minute drive from Auckland 

- Located off the Twin Coast Discovery Highway, take either Bradley or Rimmer Road to link with Selwyn Road which has access to the park.



3. Wilson Road, South Head 

This track is a seriously fun place to go 4WD and one of our personal favourites over the years. It offers some awesome experience as well as through the forest in order to get there.Please remember to stay off the dunes as they are now protected areas. The smaller 4WD vehicles will have a great time through this track.


- A 1 hour drive from Auckland 

- Take Wilson Road off South Head Road, after driving parallel with Lake Kereta, take the road off Wilson where the lake ends.

4. Pouto Lighthouse

If your after a days worth of driving you can check out Pouto lighthouse located on the Pouto Peninsular. Its a bit of a drive from Auckland and would be more of a weekend trip, but a great 4WD experience with awesome scenes.


- A 4 to 5 hour drive from Auckland 

- Make your way to Dargaville from Auckland and get on at Baylys Beach OR Mahuta Gap Road, from there travel down the coast along the sand to make it to the lighthouse

- Another alternative is to travel down the Pouto Peninsular from Dargaville along Pouto Road and at the end you should find the beach access but a shorter 4WD sand experience.



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